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Хирург стоматолог, потомственный врач, 8 лет опыты, работаю в бинокулярах, используя передовые технологии медицины
Grinchenko Victor
Основные услуги
Июнь 2022
Sarah Lewin, founder of Pic Pen studio
Alex Larkins, creative director SoSoul magazine
Laura Sanders, creative director in SoSoul magazine
Lucas Mikson, project manager in Pixels
Farrel Gulierm, creative director in DD agency
Samuel Willson, project manager in Pixels
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Pineapple Loft, 22 Pink Street, New York
We are located in the northern part of the city. The nearest subway is the North Road.
Photo credits: Steve Rainwater/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

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